• Adopt a Book Project - 2020
    • Raised 3 lakhs to preserve 40 rare and old books for the Asiatic society library during the pandemic when it was struggling to obtain funds.

    • Designed and made posters and contacted friends and family to elucidate the value of such manuscripts and India’s heritage for 3 months.

  • Article on “Covid Through The Eyes of A Student” published on the Vogue India Website - 2020
  • Article on  “Educate to Inspire, Ignite, Illuminate” published in Hindustani Times - 2020
  • Founder & Chief Editor, School Journalism Club - 2019 -2020
    • Led team of 9 students for 2 years

    • Documented 15+ school events with  interviews as part of bimonthly magazine

    • Viewership: 200 students & parents.

  • Online Course at Coursera: Advanced Academic English Writing for Research by University of California Irwin - 2020
    • 1 specialization (4 courses)- Introduction to Research Paper Writing for College

    • 4 weeks of study with 3-4 hours each week.  

  • Third position in Ode to Shakespeare Performing Arts Competition at MISA - Member of International School’s Association - 2017
    • Secured the third position out of 50 teams despite being the youngest team 

  • Lawrenceville Summer Scholar Shakespeare Program and Lawrenceville Performing Arts program - 2016
    • Analysed and enacted Shakespeare plays 

    • Imbibed literary skills such as the writing of haikus and sonnets 

    • 4 weeks at Lawrenceville School in New Jersey  


Management and Communication

Critical thinking 

Journalism and Research 




Nutrition, Health and fitness





Hiking and Adventure Sports 

  • Internship at Virtus Wellness  Private Limited – Health and Fitness Company - 2019
    • Reviewed and Updated Content on their Website 

    • Conducted research on target market preferences  

    • Made suggestions on how to broaden target market                                                                                                                                                                                    

  • Internship at DDecor Private Limited – one of the world’s largest home textile manufacturing company 
    under the Mask Manufacturing Project - 2020
    • Member of a team that researched about consumer preferences and quality requirements that would be a part of the business plan 

    • Conducted secondary  research on mask differentiation, designed surveys and evaluated competitor pricing strategies 

    • Worked for 3 months from June 2020 onwards 

  • Young Entrepreneurs Academy (YEA) - 2018
    • Secured the fourth position out of 50 teams for my team’s  development of a prototype app “Sports Up”, an innovative product that connected aspiring sportsmen to professionals in the field in order to improve sporting technique. This product along with a supporting business plan was pitched to a panel of judges who gave us an investment of 20,000 rupees.

    • The product and pitch was developed over the course of one year and we even visited companies such as “TGI Fridays” and “Fila” to better understand how to market products successfully.

  • KWHS Competition by Wharton School of Pennsylvania - 2019
    • Came in the top 25%  in the world in an online global investment simulation for high school students hosted by Wharton School of Pennsylvania

    • Identified different stock trends and developed an investment report by analysing industries, risk, diversification and companies. 

    • Worked for 6 months with a team of 7 members

  • Report for Boston Consulting Group for NASSCOM Future Skills Project - 2020
    • Worked with Boston Consulting Group to obtain primary research and produce an 8-page detailed report about the principles of organizational structure required for NASSCOM to adopt the Future Skills Project.

    • The project involves reskilling of workers for more technologically advanced careers.

    • Worked for 8 weeks during 2020 for 4 hours each week.

  • Business Management Exploration - 2020
    • 1500 word report about the success of the acquisition of Flipkart by Walmart.

    • Evaluating the opportunities and threats of e-commerce, conducted liquidity ratio analysis and analysed Walmart’s penetration into the Indian market using Flipkart

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